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London and California-based musician, songwriter, and record producer Cy Najjar, known under his stage name as CY, recently released his latest self-titled album on September 24, 2020, to audiences worldwide.

The recording is a heartfelt message that speaks to society's current challenges and draws deeply from many of his life experiences thus far. The album's lead single, "Be Your Own Hero," quickly topped the Reverbnation Pop charts, reaching number 1 worldwide. Over the years, Cy has produced and composed various songs and albums.


This album, Be Your Own Hero, was enhanced by collaborations with exceptional musicians in Nashville and Los Angeles. The work is a personal story that recounts his journeys and the many adventures along the way.


"Be You Own Hero" was written about a war veteran that Cy had met in California, and tells the vet's experience returning home after discovering that he had lost everything during his deployment.


"Broken" is drawn from stories from multiple battered women and domestic violence victims who suffered from physical and or mental abuse during the covid19 confinement.

"The Only One" draws inspiration from the vanity that inhabits all of us and is exposed through social media. Furthermore, our obsession with needing attention and validation has created the world to be unrecognizable and seemingly hollow.

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